Sapiens exhibition

Interactive installation about the sapiens classification system of non-processed products.

The Sapiens methodology by Ferran AdriĆ  tries to provide a more complete and comprehensive view of the creative processes in the field of gastronomy. To create and innovate in gastronomy it is necessary to understand how the elements that form it are ordered: What is a product? What is food? What is an ingredient? What is an elaboration?

With this interactive installation exhibition visitors can experience a part of the classification system of non-processed products of the Sapiens methodology by finding the correct path through all layers of the system. The installation is part of the Sapiens exhibition at the CosmoCaixa Museum in Barcelona that consists of seven different interactive pieces about the Sapiens methodology.

The sapiens classification system

Idea & Concept
Domestic Data Streamers

Interaction Design
Markus Kreutzer

Front-End Development
Markus Kreutzer

Back-End Development
Carlos Roig



La Caixa, CosmoCaixa Museum