Open data cam

Open source tool that uses machine learning to quantify the world.

'Open Data Cam' is an open source tool that uses machine learning to quantify the world. The simple setup allows everybody to become an urban data miner. The idea behind it was to create a free, easy to use platform for detecting objects in urban settings. This project can help cities via its citizens, institutions, scientists and decision makers to make more sense of its surroundings, by using data points created with this tool.

The tool consists of a video camera attached to a Jetson TX2 board running a user interface and counting detections of the video stream. By accessing the user interface of the 'Open Data Cam' users can reach the honey pot of data, created by the system. It lets users specify in which areas of the picture objects should get counted. Finally the export function allows users to access the detected data points and use it in any thinkable way.

Installation guide

Jetson TX2 with webcam
DIY case for Jetson TX2
As objects cross the drawn lines, they will be counted

Concept & Idea
Benedikt Groß,
Markus Kreutzer, Raphael Reimann

Interaction Design
Markus Kreutzer

Software Engineering
Thibault Durant, Thomas Derleth, Marco Biedermann, Joey Lee, MESO Digital Interiors

Product Design
Olivier Brückner

Tools & Libraries
Yolo, React