Hi. I'm Markus, a Strategic Designer, Technologist, and Photographer.

I'm interested in tackling systemic challenges like emerging technologies, mobility, and health care. By crossing disciplines I work at the intersection of futures research, ethnography, concept development, user experience engineering, and documentary photography. Currently I'm part of the move Lab.

On this site you will find a selection of projects I worked on, articles I wrote, and photos I took.


Selection of projects aiming to contribute to the design of a better future for people and earth.

hi di

Designing a mobility service for the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa that connects existing formal and informal mobility modes. Read the case study.


Building an open source tool for offline, transparent and privacy respecting AI based data collection in public space. Launch the project site.

Beat the Traffic

Designing an AI based mini game to inspire debate about global urban traffic issues and drive behavioral change. Play the game.

MIT 150

Developing a computational design software that automates the creation of key visuals across formats and mediums.


Prototyping an IoT tool that translates movements into auditive feedback for location independent gait rehabilitation. Launch the project site.


Selection of articles discussing the relationship between people, technology, and possible futures.

Our Urban Futures Magazine

Writing about empathy to design for trust between humans and autonomous vehicles. For a copy, please write me an email.

move lab Blog

Sharing corona crisis observations and weak signals that could be potential drivers for positive change. Read it here.

Speculative Wikipedia Article

Proposing new ways how to redefine the ownership of personal data. For a copy, please write me an email.


Selection of photos documenting human behavior, designed environments, and natural processes.


Addis Ababa



Addis Ababa