Designer — Digital Products, Services & Experiences

Hello! I'm Markus, a designer exploring the future of urban mobility at move Lab.

I work strategically across disciplines on digital products, services and experiences with the purpose of creating desirable and lasting impact for humans and earth. In recent projects I was running international user research in emerging markets, designing AI based applications and open source software, developing holistic service concepts, and creating visual systems and identities.

Currently I'm working in FREE NOW's research and design team move Lab. Previously I worked for the tech company moovel, the design studio Domestic Data Streamers, and as a freelancer with the TheGreenEyl and the DesignFarm Berlin. Before that I studied Communication and Product Design in Berlin, Santiago de Chile and Valencia. I enjoy traveling, exploring public life, riding my folding bike, strolling around and taking photos.



Open source tool for offline, transparent and privacy respecting AI based data collection in public space.

Role: Product Designer, Visual Designer, Front-End Developer

Company: moovel

Year: 2017 — present


Project site:

Appearances: Creative Applications, Heise Online

MIT 150

Visual identity for the 150th anniversary of the architecture department at MIT.

Role: Visual Designer, Creative Developer, Experience Designer

Client: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Company: TheGreenEyl

Year: 2018

Project site:

Beat the Traffic

AI based mini game to drive change and inspire debate about global urban traffic issues.

Role: Visual Designer, Product Designer, Front-End Developer

Company: moovel

Year: 2017 — 2018

Project site:

Recognition: German Design Award 2019

Draw Weather-Driven

Experimental drawing tool with a generative brush that gets shaped by real-time weather data.

Role: Computational Designer, Creative Developer, Product Designer

Year: 2017

Appearances: Brutalist Websites