Strategic Designer

Hi! I'm Markus, a Strategic Designer, tackling systemic challenges like emerging technologies and urbanization.

Currently I'm part of FREE NOW's research and design team move Lab in Berlin. Previously I worked for the mobility company moovel in Stuttgart, the design studio Domestic Data Streamers in Barcelona, and as a freelancer with the TheGreenEyl and the DesignFarm Berlin. Before that I studied Communication and Product Design in Berlin, Santiago de Chile, and Valencia.

I also take journalistic photos, collect and create information resources, travel, and explore public life.



Open source tool for offline, transparent and privacy respecting AI based data collection in public space.

Challenge: Ethical issues and privacy concerns when using artificial intelligence in public space.

Role: Concept & Idea, Product Design, Visual Design

Company: moovel


Project site:

Appearances: Creative Applications, Heise Online

Year: 2017 — present

Embracing the Artificial

Magazine article that proposes empathy to design for trust between humans and intangible technologies.

Challenge: Emerging technologies like autonomous machines are intangible, everywhere, and increasingly pervade our lives.

Role: Concept & Idea, Research, Writing

Company: move lab by FREE NOW

Online article: Soon

Year: 2019

Beat the Traffic

AI based mini game to inspire debate about global urban traffic issues and drive behavioral change.

Challenge: Unlivable cities and personal car ownership in a world that is choked with traffic everywhere.

Role: Concept & Idea, Visual Design, Product Design, Front-End Development

Company: moovel

Project site:

Recognition: German Design Award 2019

Year: 2017 — 2018

MIT 150

Computational design tool that automates the creation of key visuals across formats and mediums.

Challenge: Work changes with automation, many jobs have to be redefined, and computation becomes more and more part of creative processes.

Role: Concept, Visual Design, Development, Experience Design

Client: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Company: TheGreenEyl

Project site:

Year: 2018


Urbanizing Ethiopia

Tangier, Morocco


News List

Archive with future-oriented technology news that could have long term impact on people, organizations and the planet.