Markus Kreutzer

Hello! My name is Markus and I am a designer. I work with scientists, technologists, citizens, and decision makers to turn future openness into tangible possibilities.

Imagination Cone

In collaboration with design theorist Wolfgang Jonas I created a model for the conscious and directional development of imagination that can be applied in personal development and organizational innovation.

Hi Di

I also worked with the Emerging City Lab Addis Ababa and the chair of urban design at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart to envision a mobility service that connects existing formal and informal mobility modes in Addis Ababa.

Assumption Talks

Together with the team for transformative futures at the Stockholm Resilience Centre I designed a conversational framework to resolve conflicts between stakeholders with diverse assumptions about reality.


Furthermore, I worked with Benedikt GroƟ, Thibault Durand and the moovel lab team to build an open source tool for offline and privacy respecting data collection in urban areas.


Understanding Environments

From analyzing trends to building capabilities in futures literacy and mapping complex systems, I create insights of what is going on and what it might mean.

Constructing Possibilities

In collaborative formats I enable the exploration, construction and critical reflection of possibilities, as well as the development of strategies how to get there.

Prototyping Visions

By carrying out social experiments, creating models or crafting objects and narratives, I transform imaginations into tangible possibilities that guide collective actions.


Based in Berlin, I split my time between working on self-initiated and commissioned projects. To work together or just have a chat, feel free to reach out.