Hi, I'm Markus – Researcher and Designer for Societal Transformations.

As a response to the systemic challenges that humanity faces my work focuses on the possibilities to understand, initiate, and shape societal transformation processes. I'm particularly interested in the role of future imaginations and communication systems to create changes towards more equitable, sustainable, and resilient societies.



I'm open to work together with organizations, institutions, and individuals that are interested in driving change. To identify options for action and support initiatives my work focuses on the following areas.


  • Analysis of system structures, dynamics, behaviors, and dependencies.
  • Anticipation of possible, plausible, probable, and desirable futures.
  • Reflection of assumptions, imaginations, ideas, and concepts about the future.
  • Exloration of the implications of existing and emerging technologies.


  • Construction of possible transformation processes towards more desirable futures.
  • Prototyping of systemic interventions and alternative paths.
  • Communication of alternative futures to inspire debates and expand imaginations.
  • Design of digital applications for the acceleration of transformations.


Location: Mössingen Barcelona Berlin Santiago de Chile Valencia Barcelona Berlin Stuttgart New York City Stuttgart Berlin