Hello! My name is Markus Kreutzer and I’m a researcher, designer and strategist.

My current work explores the cultural, social, economic, environmental and ethical implications of a rapidly changing world at the intersection of emerging technologies, urbanization and social change. On this basis I design future services, systems, processes, organizations and experiences with the goal to empower people, corporations and institutions to drive positive change. I work across disciplines in design research, service design, creative technology, strategic foresight and digital storytelling.

Currently, I'm working on future mobility concepts at the Daimler subsidiary moovel Lab in Stuttgart and also self-employed on commercial and self-initiated projects. Previously, I was based in New York City and Berlin, and collaborated on works for the MIT, the Designed Realities Studio and the DesignFarm Berlin. I was also an intern at the design firm Domestic Data Streamers in Barcelona and studied at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin with abroad studies in Santiago de Chile and Valencia.


Beat the traffic

AI based mini game to inspire debate about current and future inner-city traffic issues.

In this game, players can globally enchant traffic jams at iconic locations and turn them into nicer things like unicorns, rainbows and driving trees. Traffic participants are detected by computer vision based on machine learning, which allows the game to know where, what and how things are moving through the concrete jungle. It’s on the players dexterity to transform cars and collect all bonus points.

Once players have beaten the traffic in their city they may submit their highscore. After every game our mobility heroes also learn how many cars they’ve transformed and how few busses would have been needed for transporting their passengers.

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Concept & Idea:
Benedikt Groß, Markus Kreutzer,
Thibault Durand


Benedikt Groß

Visual Design & Interaction Design:

Markus Kreutzer


Thibault Durand, Markus Kreutzer

Soundtrack & Sounds

Bobby Kudlicz

Soundtrack & Sounds

3D Modeling

License Plate Censoring

Dror Gluska


Software prototype of an alternate system for data-driven business models.

All of us produce valuable data about our medical, financial and personal issues along with other day to day things by using digital services. This data is a resource, capital and commodity produced by the users of the services. The value of personal data has been repeatedly called oil of the 21st century. Who owns and controls the value of this this resource?

To approach this question and make it more tangible we developed a prototype of 'Adil', a desktop application that twists current data-driven business models and offers users the same possibilities that a tech company has: Collect, monitor and trade personal data. A prototype of 'Adil' is currently available on Github.

Contribute to the prototype

Concept & Implementation:
Markus Kreutzer, Sveta Goldstein


Prof. Andreas Ingerl, Moritz Schell

Tools & Libraries:

Node, Electron, Selenium WebDriver

Open Data Cam

Open source tool that uses machine learning to quantify the world.

The simple setup allows everybody to become an urban data miner. The idea behind it was to create a free, easy to use platform for detecting objects in urban settings. This project can help cities via its citizens, institutions, scientists and decision makers to make more sense of its surroundings, by using data points created with this tool. The tool consists of a video camera attached to a Jetson TX2 board running a user interface and counting detections of the video stream.

By accessing the user interface of the 'Open Data Cam' users can reach the honey pot of data, created by the system. It lets users specify in which areas of the picture objects should get counted. Finally the export function allows users to access the detected data points and use it in any thinkable way. The tool was used for research projects by the University of Stuttgart, the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and other practitioners.

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Concept & Idea:
Benedikt Groß, Markus Kreutzer, Raphael Reimann

Interaction Design:

Markus Kreutzer

Software Engineering:

Thibault Durant, Thomas Derleth, Marco Biedermann, Joey Lee, MESO Digital Interiors

Product Design:

Olivier Brückner

Tools & Libraries:

Yolo, React

Draw weather-driven

Experimental drawing tool to explore how data could influence human creativity.

This web application consists of a generative paintbrush, that has attributes like color, opacity, texture and line width based on the weather conditions of a selected location. These attributes can easily be changed by searching for another location with different weather conditions, what makes it possible to create a variety of drawings.

The self-initiated project experiments with real-time geographic data and its influence on a creative process like drawing. It could be used in education to foster human creativity and learn about geographic data and information.

Test the tool

Concept & Implementation:
Markus Kreutzer

Tools & Libraries:

p5, jQuery

Tools & Libraries:

openweathermap.org, ip-api.com


Visual research to make the daily interaction with digital information more tangible.

This book is a perceptional and intuitive attempt to understand the modern consumption of information and what actually is the information that is being consumed nowadays. The goal of the project is to grasp the incredible speed of the digital world that washes away values and importance.

It is not an act of objection or critic of digital media development, but a try to bring back the participatory content of the digital world into a classical form of an observation: a book.

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Concept & Implementation:
Markus Kreutzer, Sveta Goldstein


Stephan Fiedler


AusDruck Schaare & Schaare GbR

More projects

Selected works

Embracing the artificial

Why everyone should be able to
empathize with intangible technologies
and machine intelligence.


From cars to unicorns

Designing an AI based mini game to inspire debate about current urban traffic issues.

Case study

Open data cam

Open source tool that uses machine
learning to quantify the world.

Case study

Data value added

How and why everyone could benefit from
its personal data if we consider existing
definitions of property?




"Beat the traffic" wins Special Mention at German Design Award [Award] — "Current and future perspectives in urban mobility" at Smart Activation Workshop [Talk] — "Open data cam" at WeMakeThe.City Amsterdam [Exhibition] — "Beat the traffic" on ARTE [Project feature]


"Open data cam" on Creative Applications — [Project feature]"Beat the traffic" on OregonLive [Project feature] — "Open data cam" on Kantar Information is Beautiful [Project feature] — "Draw weather-driven" on Brutalist websites [Project features] — "Sapiens exhibition" on El País [Project feature] — "Sapiens exhibition" on La Vanguardia [Project feature] — "Scrolling" on Design made in Germany [Project feature]



moovel Lab

Design Technologist

Sep 2018 - present


Researcher, Designer & Strategist

Berlin, New York City, ...
Jun 2015 - present


DesignFarm Berlin

User Experience Consultant

Jun 2018 - Mar 2019

moovel Lab

Design & Technology Intern

Sep 2017 - Mar 2018

Domestic Data Streamers

Interaction Design Intern

Aug 2016 - Jan 2017


I'm currently not looking for full-time opportunities, but I am always open to collaborations. If you’re interested in discussing a project or simply getting in touch please send me an email.


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