Strategic Designer & Technologist. Currently at moovel Lab. Previously at DesignFarm Berlin, TheGreenEyl & Domestic Data Streamers.

Conducting qualitative and quantitative research in emerging and mainstream markets to inform and inspire product, strategy, brand and policy decision-making.

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Designing interactive experiences, user interfaces, data visualizations and visual narratives to create holistic and engaging products that drive desirable change.

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Prototyping digital products, services and experiences with front-end development and creative technology to rapidly test real-world applications.

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Exploring the implications of a rapidly changing world for society, earth and economy, from artificial intelligence to the challenges of climate change.

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I’m Markus Kreutzer, a Strategic Designer and Technologist. I was born in a small town in Southern Germany, briefly lived in Barcelona, Berlin, New York City, Santiago de Chile and Valencia, and currently I’m based in Stuttgart and Berlin.

I work on services, products, systems, processes and experiences for a rapidly changing world with the purpose of creating desirable and lasting impact for humans and earth. My practice focuses on the strategic use of design and technology, and involves various disciplines from design research, service design, product design, experience design, interface design, visual design, creative technology, front-end development, digital storytelling, speculative design to strategic foresight.



Exploring the future of urban mobility as a Design Technologist at the Daimler and BMW subsdidiary moovel Lab.

Stuttgart / Berlin

Sep 2018 → present

Product Design Strategy

Developing strategies how to design multimodal mobility for African emerging cities on the example of Addis Ababa.

University Collaboration

Mentoring students from the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart in designing applications for future mobility in sub-saharan cities.

Magazine Article

Writing about empathy as a tool to build trust with intangible technologies and machine intelligence, especially in self-driving car systems.

Open Source Software

Designing the second release of the Open Data Cam, an open source tool that uses machine learning to quantify the world.

DesignFarm Berlin

Helping to design the AudioGait venture as a User Experience Consultant at the Design in Tech Accelerator DesignFarm Berlin.


Jun 2018 → Mar 2019

User Experience Concept

Designing the user experience of AudioGait, a tool that translates movements into auditive and visual feedback for interactive gait optimization.

Hard & Software Prototype

Prototyping the hard and software of AudioGait and preparing the tool for investor presentations.


Collaborating with the design and research studio TheGreenEyl as a freelance Computational Designer.


Apr 2018 - Jun 2018

Generative Design Tool

Developing a tool to generate key visuals based on the MIT photo archive for the 150th anniversary of the MIT School of Architecture.

Experimental Website

Prototyping the website for the Designed Realities Lab, a research and teaching platform led by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby at The New School in New York.


Developing future mobility related tools and applications as a Design and Technology Intern at the Daimler subsdidiary moovel Lab.


Sep 2017 → Mar 2018

Online Game & Social Media Campaign

Designing an AI based mini game to drive change and inspire debate about global urban traffic issues.

Open Source Software

Designing the first release of the Open Data Cam, an open source tool that uses machine learning to quantify the world.

Domestic Data Streamers

Designing information experiences as an Interaction Design Intern at the design studio Domestic Data Streamers.


Aug 2016 → Jan 2017

Interactive Installation

Designing and developing an interactive installation for the Sapiens Exhibition about Ferran Adrià at the CosmoCaixa Museum.

Sound & Light Installation

Designing an immersive experience of user reactions to BuzzFeed articles for the companies conference in London.

Data Visualization

Analyzing and visualizing consumer data from Absolut Nights Events in Barcelona.

Web Application

Developing an interactive christmas card that includes a collection of the most popular Christmas songs.


HTW Berlin

Studying communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin with a focus on interaction design and digital media explorations.


2013 → 2017

Desktop Application

Prototyping a desktop application to collect, neutralize and trade personal data from Google Search.


Visualizing the daily interaction with digital information to understand its consumption.

Generative Artwork

Experimenting with interactive sound visualization and data-driven art.

Wikipedia Article

Prototyping a legal term for personal data ownership rights.

Web Application

Experimenting with data-driven creativity at the intersection of drawing and geography.

EASD Valencia

Studying graphic and product design as an Erasmus student at the Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de València.



Interactive Installation

Designing an interactive installation for public spaces to promote the regional spoken language, Valencian.

Digital Audiotool

Prototyping a web application to play basic 909 beats with realtime visuals in the browser.

UPA Santiago de Chile

Studying graphic design as a DAAD student at the Universidad del Pacífico Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile


Educational Game

Designing a processing-based game that communicates the importance of emigration and immigration for Chile.

Drawing Tool

Experimenting with the design of digital brushes in p5js and processing.